Temperature/time rating: Continuous rating S1 satisfies BS4999 and BS5000 requirements. Emergency rating is durable of 300℃ and 90 minutes, and satisfies the requirements of BS7346 Part 2 1990 (D level).

Comprehensive product catalog: including 300℃ 1HR, 300℃ 1.5 HR, 300℃ 2 HR and 400℃ 2 HR, which are able to fully satisfy clients' need.

Rotation direction: All motors are able to rotate in either forward or reverse direction.

Power supply and operating environment: Under standard voltage of 200, 220, 380 and 440V; the motors of lower than 600V can also be manufactured as client requires.

Activation method: Motors of 5HP and less are activated by fully pressing; other motors of larger size can be activated via direct activation with full-voltage, or reduced-voltage activation.

Frame and bracket:

Frame and bracket are made of cast iron material with excellent erosion proof, and longer lifespan.

Mechanic precision processing ensures accurate size and tiny form tolerances, which guarantees motor's low vibration and workpiece interchangeability

Stator winding and insulation system:

The stator is made of accumulated cold-rolled silicon steel tablets under advanced insulation.

Stator winding is made of enamel coated copper wire with high temperature endurance capacity, and H-level insulation system.

Outlet cable is made of silicon rubber insulation cable with high temperature endurance capacity.

The Rotor:

The rotator is made of accumulated advanced electro-magnetic steel tablets with low power loss capacity.

Made of high conductibility aluminum material under high-pressure casting process; Rotor's end collar and aluminum leaves are shape-made in one piece.

The rotor has passed dynamic balance calibration and been processed with rust proof treatment.

Applicable height: The motor is applicable at the height of 1000M (3,300Ft) or less above sea level.

Installation: 1) Flange installation, 2) Footstand installation, 3) Frame pedestal installation.

Structural protection: Motor's structural protection standards satisfy BS4999 and BS5000 requirements.

Bearing and lubrication system: Equipped with ball bearings with friction resistance capacity; the lubricant uses either heat resistance silicon material or fluoride compound grease.

Shaft center: shaft center material uses medium carbon steel S45C (JIS G4051).

Identification inscription: Made of erosion proof stainless steel.

Hardware: Made of zinc coated material with good erosion proof capacity.

Spray-painted coating: The motor is coated with erosion proof paint and then spray-painted with heat-resistant red paint on the surface.