All SIEMENS series electric motors feature fully-enclosed fan cooling three-phase capability, with protection level of IP55; all series motors satisfy relevant ISO, IEC and GB standards.

Material of motor casing and junction box: Gray cast iron

Standard color: Stone gray color of RAL7030.

2, 4, 6 class motors reach Level 3of GB18613.2006 standard effectiveness, and IE1 level requirement in IEC60034-30 standards.

Specific winding design can support multiple input voltages (50HZ or 60HZ).

Frame size: 80mm~355mm.

Rated power: 0.55kw~315kw (50HZ).

Standard installation configuration: IEC60034-7.

Protection level: IP55 (IEC60034-5).

Endurable to 1.5 times rated output torque for 2 minutes.

Motors of 80~132 frame numbers are sealed in V-shape ring on the driving end, which can be also sealed in oil seal. Motors of 160 and above frame numbers are sealed in oil seal as their standard configuration on the driving end.

Can choose to add anti-moisture belt (space heater).

The motor can choose to add PTC or PT100 thermal resistance for winding set protection.

Adopt F-level insulation system, and engage heating design in accordance with B level.

Flexible cable exit direction.

The shaft driving end area's close spindle trough (A type trough) of the motor can choose a double output shaft.

The motor adopts half-key balance.

Frame numbers of 160~355 include weep hole

Round-shaped end cap cooling leaves can increase the cooling area in order to extend bearing's lifespan.

The lubrication of bearings:

For frame numbers of 80~169, the motors adopt pre-lubrication bearings.

For frame numbers of 180~280, the motors can choose to adopt re-lubrication device for bearings.

For frame numbers of 315~355, the motors are equipped with lubrication device for bearings.

All SIEMENS series are cast iron casing motors, which are suitable for continuous operation (S1) or operation under frequency conversion and speed adjustment within certain speed range.