In view of energy saving and environmental protection, CROWN ST INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. recognizes that ultra-efficient motors are current global trends. The United States, Canada and European countries have issued relevant policies and regulations in regulating their motors. Accordingly, under the newly issued IEC60034-30 Standards, the efficiency of motors has been rated with four levels as IE1 (correspondent to EFF2), IE2 (correspondent to EFF1), IE3 and IE4 (the highest level). We have imported these ultra-efficient motors to satisfy our customers' need.

According to domestic authority, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, it has concluded that on account of the use of motors at home and abroad in relation to the consumption of energy, they are found consuming more than one half of the total electric power sold, among which industrial departments amount to more than 60 to 70 percent of industrial use of electric power. Therefore, it is necessary that the purchase of new motors has to take account of their need and product features in the first place in order to achieve cost effective and better performance.

Although high efficient motors are higher in price by 20% than ordinary motors, these motors can last up to 20 years in its lifespan. Since electric power cost usually occupies 97% in relation to the usage cost of the entire lifespan of the motors, and the purchase cost occupies only 2%, generally speaking, the electric power cost of high efficient motor system can be far more cost effective against the purchase cost.

All electric motor series are designed to satisfy international standards, such as IEC, BS, CENELEC, DIN, VDE, DEC, and must be CE certified.

OMKSO electric motors adopt European regular voltage 230/400V-50HZ. Though they can also operate properly under 60HZ, some of their electrical characteristics may change.

Adopt F-level insulation system, and engage heating design in accordance with B level.

Motors conduct half-key test in accordance with 53.14.S1 dynamic balance.

Protection level: IP55 (IEC60034-5)

Product features:

Aluminum alloy IEC Three-Phase Electric Motor

Voltage:220-265V / Y380-460V
380-460V / Y660-795V

Frequency: 50/60 HZ

S1 Continuous Operation

Applicable height: The motor is applicable at the height of 1000M (3,300Ft) or less above sea level.

Aluminum alloy casing: Pretty, lightweight, compact, low noise and excellent cooling ability.

Safety coefficient:1.15

Satisfy national standards of CNS14400 certification in Taiwan.

Product's mechanic characteristics:

IE2 series is Low Pressure Three-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motors. The frame number of these motors is IEC 63-355.

Installation: All series are able to be installed in vertical, horizontal and vertical/horizontal postures.

Bearings: Deep groove ball bearings under "ZZ" protection cover.

Shaft: shaft key and shaft keyslot satisfy DIN6885/1 requirements, and shaft tip & tapping satisfy DIN332-2 requirements.

Cooling fan: The fan is made of composite materials, which is able to endure a high temperature environment and rotate in either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Spray-painted on RAL6011: In stone gray color.

Stator casing: The stator casing is made of aluminum alloy shaped under high-pressure injection molding, featuring lightweight, erosion proof and excellent cooling factors.

Footstand: Motor's outer aluminum alloy casing footstand can be detached, and easily re-positioned, which can be installed from three sides as client requires.

Front and rear caps: The front and rear bearing caps are made of aluminum alloy material shaped under high-pressure injection molding, installed oil seal, featuring dust free and waterproof. The front and rear caps can be replaced with cast iron material as client requires.

Junction box: It can rotate up to 90 degrees for cable-connecting from all directions.

Energy Saving for Better Earth Reservation

Since our high efficient motors can effectively save electric energy, reduce CO2 emission, increase operating efficiency by 3 to 10%, greatly reduce industrial use of electric power, lower down high energy price impact on industries, and improve environmental protection because of great reduction of greenhouse CO2 emission, our motors effectively implement "Energy Saving for Better Earth Reservation."